My Home is My Sanctuary.
Home is were we gather, love and grow. Join us as we renovate "Camellia Villa" into a gracious home where the living spaces are cozy & elegant, the meals are home grown, and the moments shared are simple + sweet.
The Garden is My Escape.
It's where I leave all stressors behind and focus on life's gifts + wonders. There is nothing quite like the thrill of planting a seed and watching it grow.

Step inside and follow along as the renovation progresses. *this page is still under construction, but coming soon.

Join me as the gardens take shape. *this page is still under construction, but coming soon.

Hi, I’m Jodie, a designer and creative renovating a 100 year old home (lovingly dubbed “Camellia Villa”) in small-town SC.

Welcome to Simple Minded where I blog about intentional living, all things design and decor + slowing down all-around to enjoy more of life’s simple pleasures.

Simple Minded is for anyone looking to explore personal stylemindfulness + embracing life more fully through living more simply.

We believe our beloved Camellia Villa was built around 1926. We named her such because of the large collection of old heirloom varieties of camellias growing on the property.

We have tea camellias (senesis) as well as some japonicas and sasanquas. She was split into 4 apartments in the 1940s and thus lost a lot of her character and charm. She was returned back to a single family home in the late 1950s.

We are updating and renovating her to return as much charm and character as we can. She also had a gorgeous formal garden at one time as well from what we’ve been told.

We planning our own little urban homestead complete with chickens and a formal style potager. 

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